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What is an Undisclosed Commission Claim!

At Mis sold Loan Advice we are experts in group litigation involving claims for undisclosed commission payments. This is where lenders have failed to disclose commission payments that they made to brokers who provided new business and loans to them.  

A failure to disclose the existence is enough including the value of a commission paid by a lender to a broker. The broker should act for there customer and in there customer’s best interests. A broker paid a commission payment by a lender, however, may be influenced to send his customer’s business to the highest bidder and not necessary the loan fit for purpose for them.

In order to enable a customer to make an informed decision about this, and whether the loan recommended was right for them, the broker should tell his customer about the commission. A failure to disclose commission payments may give rise to several types of claim and, consequently, several types of remedy. 


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Did My Broker receive Undisclosed Commission?

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Did my broker receive undisclosed commission?

If you used a broker for any loan, re mortgage or loan on top of your mortgage and paid a broker fee it is likely the broker received additional undisclosed commission, it was common practice. You may be eligible to get a refund by making an undisclosed commission claim.

Get in touch with our undisclosed commission claim team of financial mis-selling experts. We will take some details of any lenders you had credit with. Then we can start investigating on your behalf.

Is there a deadline or time limit?

In order to pursue an undisclosed commission claim the loan, credit card, credit hire agreement or other type of credit must either still be active including loans you are still paying for or have finished paying for within the last six years.

If you have finished paying for the credit and you are not sure when, the earlier you contact us, the sooner we can investigate your undisclosed commission claim.