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If any of the Below applies to you, you could have a Claim!

You were not informed that you broker was paid a commission.

You took out a secured loan before 2008.

You took out a remortgage before 2004.

You had charges applied to your loan account.


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A Small Insight

When customers arranged loans with lenders such as GE Money Home Lending, Blackhorse Limited and others, most customers used a broker to help arrange the credit.

Many customers did not realise that the lender paid the broker by way of commission. This was in addition to the broker fee clients had already agreed.

This could be classed as a mis sold loan!


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Most banks worked with or owned 3rd party lenders.

Can we help with bank loans – yes! However most banks and mortgage companies had third party lenders or were tied in with certain lenders which is why we will fully investigate your claim.

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Mis sold Loan Advice

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